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I'm a non-conformist Indie author, writing about the darker side of relationships in a sometimes humorous way. You'll find my characters tend not to continually receive numerous mind-altering orgasms.

My Flabber is Gasted

I’ve been off work for all of December so far, recovering from major surgery.  However, my time at home has not been altogether unproductive.  The enforced rest has given me the ideal opportunity to sit at my computer all day and promote my books on various social networking sites.  The extra marketing has served a dual purpose in not only relieving boredom and distracting me from pain, it has also helped to do the main thing it is supposed to do; sell books!


When checking on KDP this morning I was surprised and delighted to see that not a day has gone by in December where I haven’t sold either one, two or three of my books on various Amazon sites.  So far I have sold 33 books this month, which is an all-time high for me, and it’s not even the end of December yet!


So, my advice for any self-published authors like me out there, is that it does seem to pay to spend a little extra time on the marketing side, but I think the more books you have for sale in the first place and the more reviews you can gather also helps to get your name recognised.  I know we all want to write, write, and write, but our books are not going to sell themselves unless we take time and effort to get our name out there.


Below I’ve added what in my opinion are the most helpful sites for marketing books.  I’ve used them all at some point or another, and I’ve put the most useful ones I’ve found nearer the top.  If anybody knows of any other good sites which promote self-published books, please leave a comment.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Regards, Stevie


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Goodreads (eBookMiner BOTM)

Rave Reviews Book Club



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